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The Original Exfoliating Glove


Inspired by a sacred, ancient ritual, exfoliates and beautifies your skin, day after day.


The Original Exfoliating Glove


Inspired by a sacred, ancient ritual, exfoliates and beautifies your skin, day after day.


The Original Exfoliating Glove

Inspired by a sacred, ancient ritual. Exfoliates and beautifies your skin, day after day.

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Give new life to your skin

The Renaissance™ Glove has unique exfoliating powers that promote oxygenation and rejuvenation of the epidermis – a pure skin treatment that gives your skin a silky, shiny look.

From the very first time you use it, you’ll notice an extraordinary fresh feeling.

Renaissance the glove

The original exfoliating glove

This original product is made of vegetal cellulose material (derived from eucalyptus and spruce) whose microscopic woven fibres helps tone and regenerate your skin. Their effectiveness has long been recognized, helping to build the reputation of a product that has often been imitated but never equaled.

The Renaissance™ Body Glove can be used on any part of the body and now comes with a matching accessory that you can use to exfoliate more sensitive areas, such as the face or feet.

Delivery Schedule: Canadian and US orders are normally delivered within 7 days. International orders varies.
Return and refund policy: We accept faulty returns and sealed goods for replacement, provided goods and packaging are in mint condition, within 7 days of delivery. All goods must be returned by recorded insured method at your cost.

How to use your exfoliating glove

How to Exfoliate

  1. For a thorough exfoliation, use your Renaissance™ exfoliating glove once a week with water only. Do not use soap or shower/bath additives. A complete exfoliation should take approximately 8 minutes.
  2. Immerse yourself in bath water, or shower under warm water, for five or ten minutes to open pores.
  3. Stand up in the bathtub or turn off the shower before using your Renaissance™ Glove. Wring it out completely by rolling it from the bottom to the top.
  4. Starting with your neck, move your hand slowly in an upward then downward stroke. Next scrub your arms, starting with an upward stroke before moving downward.
  5. Rub your chest area with circular motions. Rinse yourself after each step.
  6. Rub your Renaissance™ Glove back and forth slowly on your stomach, back, buttocks and legs.

Daily Use

Use your Renaissance™ Glove every day with shower gel, to deeply cleanse your face and body, this will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.


Wash your Renaissance™ Glove in lukewarm water after each use, using a mild detergent, then hang to dry. Do not use bleach. You can put your Renaissance™ Glove in the washing machine, but not in the dryer. After the first use, your glove will shrink slightly, which will increase its efficiency.


Exfoliating gloves are personal hygiene products. Make sure each member of your family has one exfoliating glove. Like a toothbrush, it should be changed after three or four months of use. Children over 7 years of age can use a Renaissance Glove.

Renaissance Exfoliating Glove diagram

Body Glove

Designed to provide the best body scrub experience. Use every day with shower gel, or once a week with fresh water for a full body exfoliation.


Exfoliating Pad

A cleansing accessory that suits your body’s more sensitive skin areas. It can be used to gently exfoliate your face, scalp, knees or feet. Use it as lip exfoliator, or to exfoliate your face before applying creams (for better absorption).


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About us

In business since 1996, Danièle Henkel Inc. is the manufacturer of the internationally renowned Renaissance™ exfoliating glove; unique for its properties and weaving. Since then, the company has built a solid reputation in the medical-aesthetic industry, earning the trust of both professionals and clients alike.