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Activates Skin Microcirculation For Healthy Skin

Activates Skin Microcirculation

Exfoliation enhances skin microcirculation – the stimulation of blood flow through the microscopic vessels in the skin, which in turn promotes healthy skin.


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Skin Microcirculation

Your skin is the largest organ in your body – it works around-the-clock to help protect you against infection, prevent the buildup of toxins, and help your body absorb oxygen and vital nutrients like Vitamin D. Exfoliation helps you achieve and maintain healthy skin by enhancing a bio-chemical process known as microcirculation – the stimulation of blood flow through the microscopic vessels in the skin, which promotes both shedding of dead skin cells and the rapid growth of new, healthy skin cells.

How Skin Microcirculation Works

Skin microcirculation works by transporting healthy, oxygen-rich blood cells through the layers of tissues of skin, helping to give your skin a vibrant, glowing appearance along with a soft, even texture. Just like how your cardiovascular system needs good blood circulation to function properly, so do your skin cells.

Slow Skin Microcirculation Leads To Blotchy, Uneven Skin Tone

If you’ve ever been outside on a bitterly cold day and noticed that your skin has become blotchy, cold to the touch, or developed spots that are red and irritated, you’ve seen what happens when skin microcirculation is slowed as a result of exposure to the cold air. The same thing can happen if the circulation in your skin is compromised due to clogged pores, a build-up of dead skin cells, or the natural slowing of skin microcirculation that can occur as part of the aging process.

Skin Microcirculation is About More Than Your Appearance

In addition to the impact that skin microcirculation has on the surface of your skin, when they are well-oxygenated, your skin cells work to help keep toxins out of your body, improving your overall health and wellness. As the largest organ in your body, your skin acts as a first line of defense against many air and surface-borne bacteria infections that can cause a host of health problems including irritating rashes, persistent gastro-intestinal distress, and serious skin conditions.

How to Get Healthy Skin

Because the uppermost layers of your skin are comprised of dead skin cells, over time your pores can become clogged, slowing the skin microcirculation process. Gentle exfoliation using a hypo-allergenic, chemical-free exfoliating glove or mitt helps to clean away these dead skin cells and promote skin microcirculation – that’s why experts always talk about exfoliation when they’re asked for healthy skin tips.

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In business since 1996, Danièle Henkel Inc. is the manufacturer of the internationally renowned Renaissance™ exfoliating glove; unique for its properties and weaving. Since then, the company has built a solid reputation in the medical-aesthetic industry, earning the trust of both professionals and clients alike.

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