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Improve skincare routine by boosting the skin's absorption

Improve skincare routine by boosting the skin's absorption

Is your skincare regimen optimal? Learn how exfoliating can improve skincare routine by boosting the skin’s ability to absorb creams and lotions.


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How Your Skin Absorbs Ingredients

Spill a few drops of rubbing alcohol on the palm of your hand and your skin soaks it up immediately. Rub Vaseline on your arm and it will stay there for hours. Why does your skin absorb some ingredients immediately, yet won’t absorb others at all?

Your skin is comprised of several layers, with the upper-most layer being the stratum corneum. This is your first line of defense. When you use a skincare product, one of three things will happen – and remember, these things are happening on a microscopic level. If the ingredients are small and permeable, like in rubbing alcohol, your skin cells will absorb them. If the ingredients are larger and non-permeable, they’ll either slip between your skin cells, or be temporarily absorbed by your glands and be put in reserve, in order to be absorbed at a later date.

Of course, even small and permeable ingredients need a doorway to absorption – and that’s where exfoliation comes in.

How Exfoliation Helps Optimize & Improve Skincare Routines

Your skin is constantly regenerating – it’s estimated that every 30 days, you have a completely new layer of skin cells. During this regeneration process, cells die and flake off the top layer of skin. As you age, your skin becomes thinner, more susceptible to damage, and it becomes more difficult for your body to remove the dead skin cells. These dead skin cells, along with dirt and oil, block absorption – think of them as a microscopic barrier surrounding your skin.

By exfoliating thoroughly before applying creams and lotions, you remove the dead cells, dirt, and oil from the top layer of your skin. In effect, you’re opening a door to absorption, and lotions and creams will have a much easier time penetrating deeper into your skin, thus making them more effective.

A Practical Application

By exfoliating, creams designed to improve your skin can be absorbed evenly. Exfoliating is particularly important when using self-tanning spray for example – if you don’t exfoliate, you risk your tan coming out blotchy and uneven.

Our best tip? Once a week, before your daily face care routine, use our exfoliating glove to remove dirt, oil, and dead skin, and apply lotion afterwards for great results.

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