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Prevent acne and helps skin condition treatment

Helps Prevent Acne & Treat Other Skin Conditions

Pimples and blackheads are always popping up at the wrong time. But you can avoid breakouts – exfoliation is the first step to prevent acne.

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Why You Get Acne

Your skin is constantly regenerating. As it regenerates, skin cells die – and some of these cells remain on your skin. Dirt, oil, and bacteria may get trapped beneath these dead cells and infiltrate the pores in your skin. They become pulsing red pimples and dark and ugly blackheads.

Unfortunately, part of this is simple genetics. Your skin may be more oily than others, and it’s easy for that oil to get trapped in your pores. Alternatively, if your skin is too dry, you’ll have more dead skin cells on your face, trapping dirt in your skin. Both can cause issues, but if you’re looking for acne skin care, exfoliation is a great place to start.

Acne Prevention

When you use an exfoliating glove, you remove the dead skin cells and you unclog your pores. This allows you to wash your skin and get a deep clean. If you have dry skin, exfoliating also allows your moisturizer to penetrate deeply, which helps prevent dry skin – which means you have less dry skin flakes trapping dirt in your pores. By beginning a regular exfoliating routine, you can prevent acne at its source – dirt and oil don’t have the chance to turn into blackheads and pimples.

However, don’t be too vigorous – if you exfoliate too aggressively or too often, you can irritate your skin and make the problem worse. If your skin is already inflamed, make sure you are very gentle when you exfoliate. This is a marathon to smooth, clear skin – not a sprint.

Exfoliation and Other Skin Conditions

Acne skin care isn’t the only benefit of exfoliation. As you grow older, it becomes more difficult for your skin to naturally shed dead skin cells. By exfoliating, you remove these dead skin cells and leave yourself with a brighter, younger look.

Exfoliation can also help with cellulite. Cellulite is caused by a build up of fluids and fat deposits beneath your skin. When you exfoliate those areas on a regular basis, you improve circulation, which in turn helps release fluid and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Whether you’re focused on looking younger or trying to prevent acne, exfoliating should be a key step in your skin care process.

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In business since 1996, Danièle Henkel Inc. is the manufacturer of the internationally renowned Renaissance™ exfoliating glove; unique for its properties and weaving. Since then, the company has built a solid reputation in the medical-aesthetic industry, earning the trust of both professionals and clients alike.

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